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  Expose Critical Business System Information at the
  Point of Decision Making with LookupPoint.


LookupPoint is a compelling advance in business productivity technology which brings together the worlds of Microsoft Office and critical business information, providing Microsoft Office users with direct access to data previously locked in enterprise applications. LookupPoint enables users to access business information quickly and easily without having to leave their familiar Microsoft Office environment. The solution empowers users to make better decisions by providing relevant and aggregated business information in a familiar and secure environment.


A typical information worker spends over 70% of their time working in business productivity applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Often, they receive enquiries which reference a business item, for example an invoice number, requiring them to retrieve further associated information from multiple business systems. In order to respond to such a query the user normally has to leave their Microsoft Office application and log on to one or more complex back-end information systems. This can be a tedious process and casual users often have difficulty navigating the back-end systems. As a result queries often go unanswered, or else need to be passed on to specialist users resulting in more cost and delay.

With LookupPoint they can simply select the invoice number and the relevant business information is displayed and aggregated in an information panel directly in Microsoft Office. LookupPoint harnesses the capabilities of Microsoft Office to combine information from multiple data sources. By providing simple and timely access to relevant, contextual business information, LookupPoint empowers every user to make better decisions more efficiently.

“LookupPoint is a great example of a Microsoft Office Business Application and is a compelling platform to integrate line of business information directly into Microsoft Office Applications”

-Denis Condon, Microsoft

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